New Hermes branding will certainly divide the crowd.

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As a customer of Hermes, the parcel delivery company we were made aware on Friday that they were in the process of changing their name to Evri and relaunching the brand.  

In a company statement they said, ” It is more than just a name change – it is a statement of intent of our commitment to leading the way in creating responsible delivery experiences for ‘Evri one’, ‘Evri where’

Part of this change it must be said is in part get away from their perceived level of bad service and the idea is that this will give everything a fresh start. 

They have stepped away just updating the somewhat tired Hermes identity and gone for a completely different name and look. This is brave but also can be a risk as history shows. One of the most well-known of course is when Royal Mail changed its name to Consignia and sixteen months later and changed it back. Customers were quite clear; they just didn’t like it. 

Evri have already been some strong opinions voiced on social media, more about their level of service rather than the new look.

The designers for the Evri brand have come up with a distinctive look and feel using interesting very playful typography which has been carried through to some of the initial executions. Not sure how this will work longer term before running out of treatments. Visually I have to say I quite like it and it’s a bit of grower but never been a fan of taking elements of a logo and using them as some sort of a theme.

It will be interesting to see how it will be received. Mind you design can only do so much, it’s the customer service that will count in the end. 

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