Darwin Autonomous Shuttle

The Job

Darwin and Aviva recently announced their five-year
strategic partnership with the registration of a
passenger shuttle for use in autonomous vehicle trials.

The shuttle, created by Navya navya.tech/en, will be
used to demonstrate the potential of self-driving
cars and gather information about their operation.
Aviva will use data from these trials to evolve its current
motor insurance products, enabling it to provide
comprehensive cover for autonomous vehicles and
associated technologies as they begin to operate on
UK roads.

What did we do?

For the launch it was important that the branding of
the shuttle was as prominent as possible. Rather than
apply individual brand logos we recommended a
complete wrap of the vehicle and designed it in a
way that all the partners were featured. The shuttle
was a very complicated shape with many curves and
edges. Against a short timescale of two days,
we printed and wrapped the shuttle at Aviva‘s office
ready for the launch the next day.

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