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Creating sustainable events is one of the biggest challenges facing the events industry. We all recognise the importance of live events and the fantastic experience that we can deliver for brands and delegates, but we are also very aware of the negative affect these live events can have on the environment.

Events can be extremely wasteful, so at Ice we look at every element of our planning and organisation to limit this as much as we can, without sacrificing the quality of our work or the experience we offer our clients and event goers.

When developing our event plans, there are a number of areas that we always consider in order to reduce our impact on the environment, ranging from the venue we choose to local suppliers and production methods and materials.

We are a member of ISLA, a non-profit organisation
founded by event professionals and industry leaders
focusing on a sustainable future for events.

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There are a number of ways that we can reduce the impact your event has on the environment.


Venue choice is extremely important, so we always try and select venues with solid sustainability credentials. Venue choice can be key in managing energy efficiency, waste management and recycling.

Transport & Travel

Where possible we look to reduce travel for delegates and staff by selecting a venue with good transport links and offering a virtual alternative for those living further away. By using local suppliers, we can reduce transport whilst also supporting local businesses.


Virtual and hybrid events can still deliver a fantastic, environmentally friendly, experience when attending a live event is not practical or cost effective, but still essential to your business. And whether meeting virtually or in person, event software and event apps can greatly reduce the amount of printed materials used, whilst enabling a slicker information flow and reduced cost.

Production partners

Although we utilise technology where appropriate to reduce unnecessary production, there will undoubtably still be a need to produce some event collateral. We look at our supply chain to ensure the most sustainable practices are used not only by our direct suppliers but also by our suppliers, suppliers and always try to work with local businesses where possible.


Food and beverage waste is a big issue. It is estimated that 15-20% of food at an event needs to be disposed of. Menu choice and planning is therefore very important and we work with clients and venues to minimise waste without compromising on quality. We’ll always look to use local, sustainably sourced produce and re-useable or recyclable serve ware.


Our post event reporting will show how well we have performed in relation to sustainability and how we have minimised our impact on the environment, measured against our initial targets agreed with our client. There will inevitably be some areas that we cannot control, so we work with a number of charities and projects to ensure that we offset any carbon emissions created directly or indirectly through our work.

If you are a brand interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your events and making them more sustainable, then get in touch to find out how we can support you.

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