The Crown Estate.

The Job

Created by an Act of Parliament, The Crown Estate is a specialist real estate business with a £2.4 billion portfolio. One of these assets is The Savill Garden located in Windsor Great Park.

The summer period is the key time to get visitors into the garden and an opportunity to increase membership. Our idea, The Power of Flowers shows the impact flowers can have and why last summer The Savill Garden celebrated the sensation of sight, scent and taste.

What did we do?

We were responsible for designing all collateral including bus backs and outdoor media to attract local visitors; car park posters to convert visitors coming to Windsor Great Park and internal posters and POS to get visitors to the visitor centre to go into The Savill Garden as well as spend time in the restaurant and shop.

One of the other key aspects was that we could continually refresh the campaign with themed events like kids trails, workshops and flower themed dishes in the restaurant.

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