National Lipstick Day

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Today is National Lipstick Day but what does your favourite colour say about you?

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We recently helped with the successful launch of the exclusive Huda Beauty range at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool One. Today is National Lipstick day which gives you the opportunity to wear your favourite colour, but what does it say about you?

Purple: You may be mysterious and quiet but you are also sophisticated and intelligent. You are often the wild card in a friendship group and know spontaneity is the spice of life.

Burgundy: This shade signals confidence and sense of purpose. However, you may lean to being more reserved but you know where you are going and what you want.

Red: You are confident, bold, self-assured and don’t mind being the centre of attention. You are passionate, romantic and have a sense of adventure.

Hot Pink: You are bubbly, energetic and exude a sense of playfulness with a high energy level that subtly hints at a mischievous side.

Light Pink: You have a positive outlook on life and are extremely optimistic, love the outdoors and are youthful at heart.

Nude: You may be a little of the reserved side but are extremely warm and caring. You always put effort into your appearance.

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